Heated discussion at Rochester City Council

Heated discussion at Rochester City Council

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(ABC 6 News) – Tensions boiled over into a heated exchange today during a meeting between Rochester’s city council members.

Early in the meeting, a question over a resident’s ability to file a complaint on the city’s accessibility and language access.

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That’s when Councilmember Molly Dennis asked what other members found to be a pointed question, seemingly brining up her dispute with the city, that has since lead to a federal lawsuit.

The exchange went as follows:

City Attorney Michael Spindler-Krage: Hold on, let [President Bransford] speak

Councilmember Mark Bransford: This is clearly straddling the line between-

Councilmember Dennis: It is not-

Bransford: -personal grievances.

Dennis: It is not “clearly straddling” any line. I do not appreciate-

Bransford: Please move on.

Dennis: I do not appreciate.

Bransford: [Slams gavel] Please move on. Thank you.

Dennis: The grievance procedure is a question brought up by a resident and I feel that is a real legitimate concern.

Councilmember Dennis’ case will land back in front of a judge in April.