Mankato nurses vote to de-unionize

UPDATE 7/26/22 – Nurses at Mayo Clinic in Mankato have voted in favor of cutting ties with the Minnesota Nurses Association.

According to National Right to Work, nurses voted 213-181 to remove the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) union from their workplace.

The following statement was provided Tuesday morning regarding the vote:

“We are proud to have helped Mayo Clinic nurses exercise their right to free themselves of an unwanted union. MNA union bosses should respect the result of the nurses’ vote and its clear rejection of their so-called ‘representation.’”

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation President Mark Mix

As previously reported, those behind the push claim the union had a monopoly on bargaining at Mayo Clinic.

MNA issued the following statement from Tammie Fromm, an operating room registered nurse at Mayo Clinic Mankato:

“For decades, since long before Mayo Health System purchased our community’s hospital, nurses here have proudly stood together to fight for better conditions for local workers and patients in our hospitals. Despite our efforts, local nurses faced a highly powered, well-funded outside national organization bent on undermining worker power and collective bargaining rights.

“The removal of the union marks another sad step in the corporatization of community healthcare in Southern Minnesota, following moves by Mayo Clinic to close and consolidate services in other communities while their CEO makes millions. I am hopeful that committed nurses in Mankato will seek out ways to continue to make our collective voices heard in our hospital and our community.

“As outside anti-worker forces set their sights on other healthcare workers in our state, it is more important than ever that nurses stand together with other workers, patients, and our community to hold corporate power accountable to local interests.”

Mayo Clinic Mankato OR RN Tammie Fromm (via MNA)

An earlier version of this report can be found below.

INITIAL REPORT 7/25/22 – Nurses at the Mayo Clinic in Mankato will decide whether to cut ties with the Minnesota Nurses Association Monday.

As previously reported by 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS, more than 200 nurses signed a petition to end their union representation earlier this month.

If the vote passes, the union will no longer represent nurses at the location, meaning they will not collect dues and fees or negotiate contracts.

Those behind the push say the union has a monopoly on bargaining at Mayo Clinic.

In a statement, the Nurses Association responded by saying they will “continue to organize together to retain nurses and protect patient care in our communities.”