Go Red for Women

(ABC 6 News) – When women come together, there is nothing they can’t achieve, and today focuses on women’s heart health.

Since 2004 the Go Red For Women Movement has educated millions of women about their number one killer: cardio vascular disease.

Over 60 million women in the U.S., about 44% of all women, live with some form of heart disease.

Some symptoms to look out for include a heave or dull ache in the check; pain in the neck, jaw or throat; swelling of the feet, ankles or legs; or pain in the upper abdomen or back.

Women should also pay attention to nausea, vomiting and tiredness that feels excessive. Far too often, women may write off these symptoms as the flue or simply age.

“It’s also important to be a proponent for healthy diet and exercise,” said Dr. Vinayak Nagaraja, an interventional cardiologist from Mayo Clinic. “We’re all surrounded by stress, and I think it’s important to understand where your limitations are, where you’re going wrong in certain aspects.”

Although today is Go Red For Women Day, the entire month of February is dedicated to raising awareness, not just for yourself but all the women in your life.