Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis campaigns in Mason City ahead of holidays and caucus

DeSantis Heads to Mason City Ahead of Caucus

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(ABC 6 News) – Even with the holidays around the corner, Republican presidential candidates made their way across Iowa ahead of next month’s caucus.

Two Republican presidential hopefuls made stops in Mason City on Tuesday hoping to garner more support and votes ahead of the Iowa Caucus on Jan. 15, 2024. First in town was Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, meeting with voters at the Corner Pizza and Alehouse in downtown Mason City.

DeSantis has made the effort to visit every one of Iowa’s 99 counties at least once. Which is one reason some Iowans say he won their support.

“I’m supporting Gov. DeSantis because our country is in need of a president who can bring strong and respectful leadership to the White House. His background in the military brings perspective only a veteran has,” said Barbra Hovland, Norhtern Iowa Republican Women Chair.

Campaigning alongside DeSantis Tuesday was Eepresentative Chip Roy (R-Texas). He was recently on the House floor saying his Republican colleagues have not passed “one meaningful, significant thing” since taking House majority in January. But he stated DeSantis can unite both the people and his colleagues.

“We need transformative change in this country. We need someone who will give a vision, honor that vision, do what he said he would do and we can get behind and someone our sons and daughters can be proud of,” Roy said.

One thing still worrying voters going into 2024 is election integrity. Whether it’s how votes are counted or who’s casting them, DeSantis addressed that with voters on Tuesday. He also addressed a comment his wife recently made about the Iowa Caucus, encouraging people from other states to take part.

“Of course, only registered Republicans in Iowa can actually vote and actually be participating in that part of the caucus. But from volunteers and speaking there’s a lot of opportunities. So, what she said was true, it was mischaracterized. But of course, Iowa Caucus is for Iowans and Republicans,” DeSantis said.

Governor DeSantis also focused in on industry and energy use during his visit to the Hawkeye state.

“The local regional economies they’re going to utilize what they can. Obviously, you have advantage with that because of Mother Nature. Same thing with bio fuels and ethanol has been very important here in the Midwest, other parts of the country. Massive oil and gas deposits. We need really all of the above strategy,” DeSantis said.

Trump leads polling at 50%, followed by DeSantis at 19.5%, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley at 15.2%, and Ramaswamy at 5.4%, and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who coasts at 3.7%.