Fillmore County water screening clinic opens this weekend

Fillmore County Water Screening Clinic

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(ABC 6 News) – Residents of Preston can get free nitrate and chloride screening of their well water at a screening clinic on Saturday at the Fillmore Central Elementary School.

Results return to residents in about fifteen minutes; while you wait, water expert will offer free and confidential consultations on well water safety.

“It’s recommended to test every year, especially if you have an infant in the home, pregnant or nursing person, or anyone who’s elderly; or otherwise susceptible,” said Nikki Wheeler Soil and Water Conservation District water management coordinator. “If you have a private well you, as the well owner or renter, are responsible for testing that water for yourself, the states not going to make you do it. It’s on you to see if there’s anything in your water that you shouldn’t be drinking.”

The Minnesota Well Owners Organization, or MNWOO, organized the event. And board member Paul Wotzka says testing will carry on, snow or shine.

“I know the weather is not going to be the best, but I’m just encouraging people to show that great MN spirit and say, ‘you know, we’ve had it pretty good so far,'” said Wotzka. “Put on that winter coat, put on those galoshes; Come on out on Saturday and have a great conversation about water””