Faribault County law enforcement receives permission to search for fetus allegedly buried nearly two decades ago

(ABC 6 News) – UPDATE: According to the latest Faribault County search warrants, law enforcement sought permission to further scan, then “hand excavate” areas where the remains of an alleged miscarriage may have been buried in Frost, MN.

On March 5, an expert in Ground-Penetrating Radar use reviewed scans of the ground and found two areas of interest near a shed on the property, according to warrants publicly filed March 14.

Law enforcement received permission to search for possible buried remains, as well as soil samples from target areas for evidence testing.
On March 6, Faribault County deputies allegedly returned to the property where a woman said the remains of her juvenile pregnancy was buried, took digital photos of the area, and returned with a glass jar with liquid from the southwest corner and a glass jar with dirt from the northwest corner.


(ABC 6 News) – According to search warrants filed Friday, Feb. 23, Faribault County deputies have begun a search for the remains of an alleged miscarriage buried on a Frost property nearly 20 years ago. Frost is located about 12 miles southeast of Blue Earth.

According to court records, on Feb. 14, the sheriff’s office learned about a sexual assault resulting in a juvenile’s pregnancy.

Court records allege that the victim, then 15, had miscarried after four months and the fetus was buried in the backyard of a home.

She allegedly told law enforcement that she had been told the fetus was “dug up and moved,” but did not know if that was true.

From Faribault County search warrants

ABC 6 News determined that the woman is now 35. The property referenced in court documents has new owners.

From Faribault County search warrants

The Faribault County Sheriff’s Office requested permission to use Ground-Penetrating Radar to search the property for a “possible clandestine grave,” or signs that there had been a burial, in order to locate possible evidence of the sexual assault.

According to court documents, investigators took scans of the property Thursday, Feb. 22.