Essentials to have for the upcoming snowstorm

Incoming Winter Storm Bring Preppers

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(ABC 6 News) – As the first major snowstorm of the season makes its way to our area early Friday morning, stocking up on the essentials to shelter at home over the weekend is important.

Thursday was the perfect calm before the storm to take care of any last-minute errands.

Hundreds of shoppers saw the opportunity on Thursday and stopped by Silver Lake Foods in Rochester.

“Busier than a normal Thursday cause they’re heeding the warnings I believe of the impending snowstorm,” said manager Tom Viken. “They get word of impending snowstorm, they don’t wanna run out and they plan on possibly being snowed in for a couple days.”

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety advises stocking up on medications, baby supplies and at least three days’ worth of food and water for each person in your home.

“They’ve been stocking up on water, milk, bread, hamburger, these things that just to get them through, and even toilet paper,” said Viken.

It’s just as important to have emergency items in case the power goes out.

“Flashlight, batteries, an AM/FM radio so that you can get in the latest news information. All the things that you would have for a summer storm, you might want to consider as well for a winter storm,” said DPS Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Kristi Rollwagen.

If you do lose power while temperatures drop below freezing, be ready to find alternatives.

“Dress in layers, make sure you have your blankets. You could also reach out to your 211 United for help, see if there’s community resources that are available,” said Rollwagen.

Despite the cold temperatures rolling in, officials say you should think twice about heading out on the ice.

“The snow has come and now we’re in winter mode, and let’s go ice skating or ice fishing or that kind of stuff. The ice is probably still not very solid anywhere in the state. I would really really caution people to stay off the ice,” said Rollwagen.

The safest way to make it through the storm is inside your home.

If you must leave the house during the snowstorm, be sure to have an emergency kit in your car and keep your phone charged in case you get into an accident.

You can follow these three links for more information on how to stay safe in the snow.