Equal Rights Amendment rally at Minnesota capitol

Equal Rights Amendment rally at Minnesota capitol

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(ABC 6 News) – A key priority for the Minnesota legislative session is a revised Equal Rights Amendment, with supporters already rallying at the start of the session.

“As voters, community members and leaders, we demand the state’s constitution to reflect our values of equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination,” said one rally attendee.

“The best way to fight against a backlash is to go on offense,” said Attorney General Keith Ellison. “Whenever you find that people are trying to take your rights away, rather than curl up and hope it stops it is right and it is just to fight back and push even further than ever before.”

The new legislation would ask voters to add protections for abortion, gender and LGBTQ+ rights to the state’s constitution.

If the bill passes this year, it could go before voters as soon as 2026.