2024 Wall of Inspiration Induction Ceremony

Albert Lea Wall of Inspiration Ceremony

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(ABC 6 News) – Albert Lea High School students who are making a positive impact to the land between lakes, were honoured Friday in the 20th annual Wall of Inspiration Induction Ceremony.

“Be the change you want to see,” those are the words written above the Wall of Inspiration in Albert Lea High School.

11 people joined the 168 others to be inducted to the Wall of Inspiration.

“It’s important to give back, you never know where somebody’s at. If somebody’s in a valley, somebody’s having their worst day ever,” said inductee Erin Boorsfa.

She goes on to say, “one of the biggest things, just saying or having a conversation, even the smallest gesture can be an absolute mountain to somebody. Bringing somebody up so much.”

It wasn’t just students being celebrated three faculty members were also honored today and those in attendance said you could feel the love from the room as each faculty member’s names were called.