Dexter woman runs 100 miles in 29 hours

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(ABC 6 News) – A Dexter woman has done the unthinkable, running 100 miles in 29 hours.

When Jennifer St. Amand gets ready to run, it’s her against the world.

“You can’t skip to the end, you have to take it one section at a time,” Amand said. And that’s Jennifer’s life motto.

She grew up in Canada and moved to the United States to be in the Army National Guard.

There she’s up against the boys. She knew one way to differentiate herself.

“You stick out being a female. I felt like this was a way to prove myself that I was better than my peers,” Amand said.

And that curiosity to try something different turned into a talent.

“You can get through things if you move through them,” Amand said.

Then Jennifer found a new goal, running competitively.

When she moved to southeast Minnesota, she ran in the Chester Woods Trail Races. Jennifer never settled. She got through any injury, tackled marathons, and ran 50 milers, but the 100 miler was always on her mind.

She’s done them before, but not like this. This was the race that would challenge her the most, the race that she’s been working since 2017 to qualify for, the Western States Endurance Run.

“I was the last finisher! I came in at 29 hours, 59 minutes, and I can’t remember the seconds, but I know I had 21 seconds to spare,” Amand said.

This race is different. It’s the worlds oldest 100 mile trail race in California. It starts in the Olympic Valley and ends in Auburn. Since its inception in 1974, this race represents the ultimate endurance test.

“There’s a ton of snow you guys, 30 miles of it. Everyone’s like you’re from Minnesota you got this, but we don’t run through snow like that,” Amand said. “I never wanted to stop.”

But as the many hours went by, she thought of her troops and how they motivate her to be the best.

And when she finished the race, she was over the moon.

“I started to sprint, as fast as I can go. It felt like I was flying,” Amand said.

Jennifer proved to herself that she can keep reaching every goal she sets for herself.

“I knew there was not was ‘I wasn’t making it’ there was only a minute left,” Amand said.

Jennifer plans to run another 100 mile race sometime in the future.

She says if you’re interested in running finding a mentor that can help you compete in any of these races, reach out to your area running club.