Cyber attack targets United Health Group

Cyber attack targets United Health Group

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(ABC 6 News) – UnitedHealth may have paid $22 million to a group of hackers, following a targeted cyber attack two weeks ago, according to reports from Reuters and Wired.

Experts say paying the ransom might help keep the company up and running, but it could also set a dangerous precedent.

“The smoking gun so to speak was a publicly visible $22 million transaction on bitcoins blockchain,” said Scott Spiro, a cybersecurity expert. “It’s like training a dog. You know, the dog does something, and it gets a treat and just does it again.”

The attack crippled some hospitals and pharmacies ability to fill prescriptions, an issue seen locally.

Olmsted Medical Center, who previously asked patients not to fill prescriptions unless absolutely necessary, told ABC 6 News on Tuesday that steps have been taken to remedy the problems and their operations have returned to normal.