Criminal defense attorney on arrest of Adam Fravel, ex-boyfriend of Madeline Kingsbury

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(ABC 6 News) – Madeline Kingsbury’s ex-boyfriend, Adam Fravel, is at the Winona County Law Enforcement Center being held on suspicion of second-degree murder.

The Winona County attorney says Fravel could be in court as soon as Friday, but it’s still unclear if that will happen.

In a Thursday afternoon press conference, law enforcement officials said the number one priority is maintaining the integrity of the investigation.

“Our primary focus is to protect this case and protect the prosecution. So that is the reason we are not prepared today to speak on any charging decisions,” said Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Agent Michelle Frascone.

Criminal Defense Attorney Jack Rice says that charges may not be filed yet because county attorneys are sifting through evidence, trying to determine if they have enough to make a case against Fravel.

In a lengthy investigation like this, Rice says they could also be waiting for more evidence to come in.

“We have to continue to follow up on all of the evidence that we have collected to date, along with all of the evidence we collected yesterday. And we still have to review all witness statements, and wait for the results from the medical examiners office to see if there’s any further follow up from that office,” said Winona Police Chief Tom Williams.

After an arrest like this, Rice said the next few days can be crucial.

“Typically there’s a very small window of time that you can hold someone before you have to release them. The real question becomes, when will they get charged? The first thing they will look for is what charges will they face? The second thing they will look for is the question of bail,” said Rice.