Comedian Joe Gatto gives preview of Rochester show

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(ABC 6 News) – You’ve probably seen him somewhere. Maybe on “Impractical Jokers” or “The Misery Index.” Now, you have a chance to see him in person at Mayo Civic Center on Sunday night.

Comedian Joe Gatto is bringing his “Night of Comedy Tour” to the Mayo Civic Center on Sunday, April 23. He spoke with ABC 6 News Good Morning reporter Sydney Zatz ahead of his show and says it’s all based on mixing his normal standup act, and his background in improv.

During the show, you can expect to hear about his life on “Impractical Jokers,” his family, and growing up Italian. If you get a chance to talk with him, don’t think just because he’s left town that you might leave his mind.

“I’d met a grandmother and she brought her granddaughter to my show. They’re both fans of mine. It was super sweet. The grandmother told me she felt like she was at a zoo watching a panther because I move around so much she’s like ‘I thought I was at a zoo.’

“It was really cute and the granddaughter was like ‘I’m sorry. She doesn’t mean it as an insult.’ I said, ‘I didn’t take it as one. Should I?'”

When Gatto isn’t on the road, he’s a busy guy. Spending his free time working on screenplays (which he hopes to direct one day.) He has his podcast, “Two Cool Moms”, and he has a kids’ book coming out next year.

Speaking of kids, he said his 5 and 7-year-olds are taking on dad’s comedic skills. His daughter is getting his quirky side and his son, is causing mischief at the grocery store.

“I’ll go shopping with my son and he’ll put stuff in other people’s carts. Probably as a joke to make me laugh and I’ll be like ‘stop!’ He’ll literally just love getting a rise out of me. Maybe they did want that avocado. I don’t know.”

Joe also runs a non-profit for senior and disabled dogs called Gatto’s Pups. He names the dogs after his favorite Italian treats including Cannoli and Gnocchi. He even takes care of a brother-and-sister duo, Fettuccine Alfredo.

Gatto is at the Mayo Civic Center on Sunday. As of Thursday morning, tickets are still available.

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