City of Rochester to update Rolling Green Park this fall

(ABC 6 News) – After years of paging the city for updates, residents surrounding Rochester’s Rolling Green Park will begin to see renovations this fall.

But residents say the park’s accessibility has been a downside for years as there is minimal public parking and no sidewalk here for residents of the neighboring Madonna Towers Senior Living.

It’s been a long time coming for the city of Rochester to plan renovations at Rolling Green Park. And as they plan for the future, they want to ensure the park is more easily accessible for all.

Especially when it comes to playground equipment that can benefit people of all ages, and the senior living community next door.

“If we could create a situation where, yeah they might come and get some therapy outside, how great would that be?” said Jeff Feece, a park planner for the City of Rochester. “To be able to come out on a nice day to come out to the park, surrounded by the green. And maybe there’s a certain piece of equipment they use indoors a lot that we can replicate outside.”

The city expects renovations to begin in the fall and the total costs for sidewalk installation and playground equipment is expected to be around $100,000.