Citizens fighting to stop factory farm

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(ABC 6 News) – Members of the Iowa Citizens for Responsible Agriculture are raising the alarm over a proposed factory farm that could make its way to Worth county.

At a public hearing Monday, members pushed back against the proposal, saying it will pollute the air, water, and soil in the county as well as interrupt community health, businesses, and local tourist attractions.

The county’s board of supervisors heard arguments and considered whether to move forward with the construction of the farm or whether to halt it together.

During the hearing, members of the Worth county community said there’s a lot at stake – arguing county residents don’t want people that don’t live there to have such a negative impact on the local economy, environment, and public health.

“We’re very much against being invaded by an industrial site when the people don’t even live in our county so our efforts today were to make the board of supervisors aware that there are many people in this county who do not want this,” said Edith Haenel, Iowa Citizens for Responsible Agriculture in Worth county

“Common sense is no one wants a hog building next to you even though they might meet all the proper criteria in our zone and county somewhere there needs to be some solidarity and some support for the actual residents of this county and our homes,” another resident said.

In the end, one member of the board of supervisors voted in favor, and another voted against – meaning for now the project remains on hold.