Cerro Gordy County law enforcement unveils ‘unticketing’ campaign to reward safe drivers

(ABC 6 News) – Over the summer, local law enforcement officers in Cerro Gordo County will reward safe drivers with prizes during its “unticketing” campaign.

The Clear Lake Police Department, Mason City Police Department, and Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office are collaborating with researchers at Iowa State University to nudge drivers toward slower, more careful driving.

When running radar and ticketing motorists who break the law, local law enforcement officers will also be on the lookout for people who drive safe and observe the speed limit. When a safe driver’s license plate number matches someone who has registered to participate in the program, the person will be entered into a prize drawing to win gift cards and other prizes donated by area businesses.

Anyone who drives in Cerro Gordo County, including visitors with out-of-state plates, can enter the contest as long as their vehicles are registered in any U.S. state, Canadian province or Mexican state, and are a licensed driver in good standing (no expired, revoked or suspended licenses’ allowed). People driving on learners’ permits can also enter, and motorcycles and campers are also allowed.

The contest kicks off Memorial Day weekend and will continue through August 6 with prize drawings every two weeks. Prizes will be sent by mail and nobody will be pulled over to be awarded a prize.

For more information and to register for the “unticketing” campaign, CLICK HERE.