Case involving homeless encampments to be heard at U.S. Supreme Court on Monday

(KSTP/ABC 6 News) – Leaders in cities across the country looking for answers to homelessness will be watching the nation’s highest court on Monday.

Justices on the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments about homeless encampments, and whether actions against them violate the country’s constitution.

The case has sweeping implications for those living on the streets, both locally and across the United States.

In Rochester, the city council passed an ordinance banning homelessness encampment on public and city property in February.

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Justices on Monday will be hearing arguments whether a ban on encampments is “cruel and unusual”, and is out of Grants Pass, Oregon.

About 10 years ago, the city tried banning anyone “from using a blanket, pillow or cardboard box for protection” while sleeping outside.

There are no public homeless shelters in Grants Pass.

An attorney representing homeless residents there says punishing those who don’t have anywhere to go will make matters worse.

In recent months, the city of Minneapolis has had to clear an encampment a handful of times, citing health and safety issues.

On Sunday morning, an area homeless organization posted a message on social media, saying “arrests and fines don’t solve homelessness – they extend it.”

Some local homeless advocates believe permanent housing is key.

“I think anything that helps provide increased levels of safety, predictability and dignity is a step int he right directions,” says John Tribbett of Avivo.

The Supreme Court is expected to lay out guidelines for how cities can regulate homeless encampments going forward, and their decision is expected by the end of June.