Carly Stevenson continues to exceed expectations two years after suffering stroke

Carly’s Fight

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(ABC 6 News) – It’s been a long two years for one Charles City woman who suffered a stroke in July 2021.

Just after the holidays, Carly Stevenson went down to Boca Raton, Florida, for a new treatment in her recovery from the stroke.

But medical insurance would not cover any of the expenses for the her.

The first step in Carly’s treatment was $9,600 alone.

The Stevenson family had great concerns they wouldn’t be able to get the help their daughter needed, but they are fortunate they have a community such as Charles City, to help them out.

“It’s just amazing what our community has done for us,” said Michelle Stevenson, Carly’s mom. “Everybody’s rooting for her and she’s just keeps fighting and getting better all the time.” 

As the last two and a half years have gone on, Carly’s progression in recovery has gone beyond what doctors originally anticipated for her following her stroke.

“When this all started we were told Carly would never breath on her own and going to be in a hospital bed the rest of her life and breath off a ventilator,” added Michelle.

With the people of Charles City and those throughout the world rallying to donate funds to help her new treatment. Carly’s ability to continue taking the next steps to the athlete she once was continues to grow.

“I think it’s just a huge testimony and blessing to living in a small town in Iowa,” said Wendy Luft, a family friend who runs the Carly’s Fight Facebook page. “We always talk about how Iowa nice is, and it is so apparent when it comes down to people willing to give.”

That includes her physical therapist, Jordan Smith, a familiar face around Charles City from his role as a high school wrestling coach.

“I met her and the rest is history pretty much. We both like to give each other a hard time, and it’s a lot fun,” said Smith.

Smith has continued to see Carly’s progress up close three to four times a week, and the taking in of that progress has continued to be an inspiration to him.

“That little feel of a little bit better today than yesterday and that’s always the goal is if you just get a little bit better each time looking back to May,” said Smith. “It’s hard for me to even really think about because I see her so often. But someone who doesn’t see her as often as me, I have heard from her friends and they’re like, ‘whoa.'”

And as her community continues to rally around her, Carly looks forward to returning the favor.

“She’s told me before that she can’t ever leave Charles City because this town has been so great to her. But eventually, she wants to get completely better and she wants to become an occupational therapist with everything she’s been through she wants to help the next person,” Michelle said.

Carly and her family will be returning for treatment in Boca Raton in April.

They will be having more fundraisers to help cover medical costs with a club volleyball tournament in Charles City on February 25.