Cabin Fever Fest 2024

Cabin Fever Fest 2024

The town of Lanesboro, MN is hosting their annual Cabin Fever Fest with events ending Sunday night.

(ABC 6 News) – Lanesboro is hosting their annual Cabin Fever Fest this weekend, with events ending Sunday night.

As the first designated art campus in the country, Lanesboro’s downtown district is known nationwide as a hub for local artists.

A combination of indoor and outdoor activities, Cabin Fever Fest is a way for locals to enjoy the outdoors after what typically is a winter stuck inside.

According to local business owners, the weekend events couldn’t come at a better time.

“Right now especially, there’s just a lot of pressures. There’s a lot of worries, and at some point it just all explodes if you don’t regularly take those micro-vacations; and pause,” said Allie Palmer, Owner of Paddle On Coffee.

Sunday, there will be a poetry workshop starting at 4:30pm, and a pickleball tournament happening at 5:00pm.

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