Byron Public Schools receives anonymous donation for football field

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(ABC 6 News) – The football field at Byron High School has received new renovations and a financial boost with them.

However, nobody is quite sure where this generous donation is coming from.

A new concourse, turf and scoreboard, but no new name. That’s the makeup of the renovations at the football field behind Byron High School as it currently sits. And thanks to this anonymous donor and their $120,000 donation, the money from it will be differed over the next 10 years keeping money in the bank for any future renovations or upgrades.

This anonymous person isn’t the only one drawing attention to make sponsorship donations for Byron Public Schools Athletics and Activities.

“We entertaining people who are asking about it,” said Neuback. “What it would mean and what the signage would look like and what does that mean for them because it’s really a way for them to market their company with us, through us, and for us to increase our revenue.”

While there are those in town who find the no name football field to be a bit strange, those who are reporting back to Neubeck say that they’re just happy with the upgrades the field has received.

“We’re just trying to be forward thinkers that in 10 years, 15 years, I may not be here but I want to leave with good when they do have to replace this. That there is money and you don’t have to take a huge amount out of our bank account or go back to our tax payers and ask them to cover this,” Neuback said.

The football field is only the beginning for sponsors to give to as there are still updates needed from them for the baseball and softball fields behind Byron High School.
“Right now between our different sponsorship programs we have about $40,000 to $50,000 that are turned in for this year already. So, 75 percent of that will go into a reserved fund for later on and you can do that over 10 years, 15 years, that can go into a fund to help returf a field.”

All the money coming in from these sponsorships is dedicated to the Byron Public Schools Athletics and Activities Department. The other 25 percent of funds will be spent on other renovations such as the theater stage at the high school which will be finished before 2024.