Building community, One tree at a time

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(ABC 6 News) – When the community comes together, it’s a wonderful thing, especially when kids take an initiative and make the most out of it.

“I love planting trees, it’s a good thing to do,” Robert Berggren, supervisor for the Mason City Street and Park Department said.

You could feel the positive energy at Georgia Hanford Park. Seventh and Eighth Graders from John Adams Middle School planted 12 Trees Tuesday.

“We see trees all the time, but we never get to see the process of how they grow and evolve,” Miranda Lentz, 8th grader at John Adams Middle School said.

Miranda, like the many kids at the event are a part of iJAG.

Its a statewide program aimed to have students engage and do charity work in their community.

“I think iJAG is a great experience for any student to just notice and learn more about what kids can do in their future, so they have a better idea and understanding of their future and how it will turn out,” Lentz said.

Educators agree.

“It relates to come of the curriculum they’re learning in school. Many kids play at this park and play in the playground. Doing something where they thrive and play and live around is really important,” Melissa Clough, John Adams Middle School Teacher said.

And what the kids did here is making a difference. Because one beetle is causing these trees a lot of trouble.

“The Ash Bore Beetle is infesting Ash Trees Right now. We have a dozen ash trees here, so we’re trying to get new trees growing here to replace the one’s we’re going to remove,” Berggren said.

Students planted a different species of tree to help curb the issue.

“It’s good to get together with the kids and share why they should plant trees,” Berggren said.

Looking towards the future, one tree at a time.