Broadway fence comes down

Broadway Fence Comes Down

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(ABC 6 News) – As work was being done on the Rochester Riverfront, a fence was put up on Broadway Avenue to separate the fast traffic from the public, but now it’s coming down.

Some of the business owners reported that they saw traffic in that area travel even faster with the fence up. Additional feedback showed homeowners just wanted the area back open.

“When you have kind of that fence, it kind of gets people moving quicker along there,” said Irene Woodward, the Community Development Director of Rochester. “So, kind of removing it and opening it up, and really looking at that going forward, creates an opportunity for us to really make sure that people can kind of see that area as one area and not part of it on one side and part of it on the other.”

The feedback was gathered this fall by the city’s public works department. Despite being removed, it could return, the city is keeping it in storage. Now as the department continues to test what they think works best.