Bed Bugs found at Austin High School

(ABC 6 NEWS) – On Monday Afternoon, parents and caregivers of students at Austin High School received an email announcing that there was a bed bug issue at the school.

The school said that upon discovering the issue, they conducted an inspection and began coordinating a response effort.

The school said they aligned themselves with the Minnesota Department of Health’s guidelines on dealing with bed bugs and that they place the health and safety of their staff and students in the highest priority.

Austin Public Schools Superintendent Joey Page says this incident was confined to a single area and that they are monitoring the situation.

“We understand that situations like this can be concerning, and we want to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Bed bugs do not spread disease and are not considered dangerous, although some people can have an allergic reaction,” Superintendent Page said.

If you would like to view the Austin Public Schools News Alert, visit this link.