“Baby Angel” cold case break

Baby angel cold case break

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(ABC 6 News) – Investigators believe they may have found a possible match for the mother of “Baby Angel.”

On September 5, 2011, boaters found an infant girl’s body floating in the Mississippi River south of Winona.

“Then the next thing [my son] proceeded to say is ‘Mom there’s a baby there,'” said Sharon Frost in a 2016 interview. She found Baby Angel in September 2011.

“We believe the baby was in the river for a very short period of time,” said the BCA during a 2011 press conference.

On Friday, March 22, Winona County Sheriff Ron Ganrude said that just because a case goes cold, that does not mean they give up.

Ganrude says his office continues working the case as long as new information is coming in.

“We considered that one a cold case I would say in year two because we had talked to so many people and followed up on so many things, we didn’t have any more new information coming in at the time,” said Ganrude.

The sheriff’s office still hasn’t given up. It’s partnered with third-party forensics teams that assist agencies across the country. Every time those teams get a lead, it’s reported to the sheriff’s office.

“We’ve met with a number of women especially over the years, a lot of people have been interviewed. We’ve asked a lot of people for their voluntary DNA sample,” said Ganrude.

Just this week, the sheriff’s office finally got a break issuing a warrant for a sample of one woman’s DNA.

“We have received a lot of information just like this one with this particular lady, and we are hoping we get this case resolved,” said Ganrude.

He wants to get this case resolved, especially for his friend and former sheriff, Dave Brand.

“There’s people who can’t have children and then there’s people who dispose of them,” said Brand in a 2016 interview.

“We know God takes care of children and Baby Angel is in His arms and what a better place to be,” said Frost in a 2016 interview.

With more than a decade’s worth of questions, many still hope unearth the truth of Baby Angel.

Sheriff Ganrude says they expect the DNA results to come back in a just few weeks and hopes this case can go from cold to closed.