Austin man spent two weeks giving out books in Ukraine


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(ABC 6 News) — An Austin man returned home after spending two weeks giving coloring books to children in Ukraine.

The books were created by Varhola and his team, and show through pictures and games what landmines look like and what children should do if they see one.

“We just want kids to know what these things are, know that they’re dangerous and know to stay away from them. If you spot one of these, you just have to move away from it,” Varhola said.

The team also created blood type patches that can be read in both English and Ukrainian.

The patches were distributed to foreign volunteers and soldiers, and were created because the western blood type system is not always recognized in Ukraine.

“If you got injured and you had your blood type, a medic might not even know that this is your blood type. And that can delay, you know, getting care,” Varhola said.

The patches and books are available to purchase in the United States, but were a completely free resource to people in Ukraine.