Austin man accused of drug crimes, escaping custody, DWI sentenced to 28 days in jail

(ABC 6 News) – Jeb Lee Surritt of Austin pleaded guilty to multiple charges between his re-arrest in early March and a pretrial hearing April 27, including driving while intoxicated, escaping from custody, and drug possession.

Surritt was sentenced to 28 days in jail, with another 337 days stayed for the duration of a two-year probation.

If Surritt does not obey the conditions of his probation, which forbid drug and alcohol use or driving without a license, he may be re-sentenced to the remaining 337 days in jail.

(ABC 6 News) – An Austin man accused of drug crimes, fleeing custody, and multiple counts of driving while intoxicated appeared in Mower County Court Thursday.

Jeb Lee Surritt, 37, pleaded guilty to several drug and traffic charges in August of 2022 — then promptly failed to appear for his sentencing at the beginning of March, according to court documents.

He was arrested just a day after his missed sentencing this month, according to court records.

According to court documents, Surritt was first arrested after a February 2022 traffic stop in the city of Austin.

The Mower County Sheriff’s Office alleged that Surritt was weaving in and out of his traffic lane, and failed several field sobriety tests before the arresting deputy patted him down and found 15.5 grams of methamphetamine on his person.

The Mower County sheriff obtained a search warrant for Surritt’s home, and allegedly found more drugs and paraphernalia, as well as a firearm.

According to court documents, Surritt was charged in February 2022 with felony 3rd-degree drug possession, storing methamphetamine in the presence of a child, 5th-degree drug possession, gross misdemeanor drug user in possession of a firearm, and misdemeanor 4th-degree DWI and possession of metal knuckles.

According to court documents, Surritt was next charged with felony escape from custody in June of 2022.

His criminal complaint alleges that Surritt sought release from jail to be treated at Keystone, an Austin drug recovery facility in April, and was discharged in June without returning to Mower County Jail.

Another warrant was issued for his arrest shortly after the charge of escape from custody was filed, and another was issued for the previous drug charges.

Surritt pleaded guilty to escaping custody, as well as 5th-degree drug possession and drug user in possession of a firearm in August of 2022, and was scheduled to be sentenced March 2, 2023.

He failed to appear at the sentencing.

According to court documents, Surritt was re-arrested March 3, after another traffic stop in the city of Austin.

The Mower County Sheriff’s Office claims that this time, a deputy noticed Surritt’s truck and conducted a traffic stop based on his two outstanding arrest warrants.

According to court documents, the deputy claimed Surritt showed signs of intoxication, claimed he had not been driving, and refused to conduct field sobriety tests.

Surritt was taken to the Mower County Jail where a blood test was performed, and was later charged with gross misdemeanor DWI and driving after license revocation, according to court documents.

Surritt is currently being held without bail or bond at the Mower County jail.

His next court date has not been scheduled.