“Artrageous” event at Austin’s paramount theater


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(ABC 6 News) – The historic Paramount Theatre in Austin hosted an event Sunday aimed at bringing both performing arts and fine arts together.

The event is called “Artrageous,” and features a wide variety of artistic talents from about 10 artists.

It had previously been at the Paramount back in 2017, and made its return Sunday, due to an issue with the theater in Faribault.

“Artrageous is a combination of all of the arts on one stage so you’ve got music, singing, dancing,” said Lauri Francis, a touring artist with the troupe.

Francis goes on to state the event is great for bringing the community together, and for uniting artists.

“I think all of us in the troupe, we are misfits in the world, and we’re just looking for our place and found each other thankfully,” said Francis.

There was even some audience engagement in the form of a sing along.