Albert Lea Police Department release 2023 crime report

Albert Lea Police Department release 2023 crime report

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(ABC 6 News) – Law enforcement officials in Albert Lea are very pleased for the third year in a row with a decline in crime but what they call “more serious crimes: had an uptick from last year.

Those serious crimes included things like murder, robbery, rape, assault and burglary. The most reported crime was larceny theft with 289 reports.

JD Carlson, the director of public safety for Albert Lea, says the younger generation seems to be committing a lot of the thefts.

“Running around going door-to-door checking garages, checking houses, lifting handles on cars, essentially burglaries and it’s a tough one to investigate and catch. Everyone’s going around with hoodies and backpacks and still wearing COVID masks,” said Carlson.

Carlson says video doorbells and security cameras with motion activated lights do help deter some of the crime.

Carlson’s main message to the community? If you see something say something.

“It may be frustrating if we aren’t able to solve your particular crime, but don’t not report it to us, because you don’t think [it’s] anything. It may be one more piece to the puzzle we are working on, so we still want the partnership,” said Carlson.

As far as less serious crimes, vandalism came in at the top of that list with 146 cases reported last year.

You can read a shortened version of the report HERE.