UPDATE: Albert Lea purchases three buildings to remedy blighted conditions

UPDATE: The city of Albert Lea has elected to purchase three tax-forfeited properties for $3.

The city of Albert Lea has already invested $20,257 to one property based on court-ordered repairs.

The council did not identify which of the three properties has been previously invested in.

Ward 2 Councilor Larry Baker questioned the potential costs for further repairs, but City Manager Ian Rigg doesn’t expect “too terribly much” in regards to costs after multiple inspections into the unidentified property.

(ABC 6 News) – The Albert Lea City Council is facing a $3 decision, a dollar for each property in consideration for purchase.

The three buildings (821 Jefferson Ave., 971 South Broadway Ave. and 122 Ermina Ave.) are all piled high with unpaid taxes. In consequence, the city council with enter a work session on Monday to consider purchasing the buildings.