Albert Lea Open Bottle Ordinance Update

Update to Albert Lea Open Bottle Ordinance

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(ABC 6 News) – Changes are on the way and Albert Lee as their city council voted tonight to approve an update to their open bottle ordinance.

The update expands guidelines of the ordinance, which previously only applied to alcohol, now to include banning cannabis products like THC infused drinks and edibles.

The first reading saw each council member voting in favor of the ban, but during the final reading, multiple council members voiced their concern with the measure in particular about how exactly it would be enforced.

“It’s a wide swath when you, when you’re talking about all public property and, and so uh uh I’m gonna vote no on it,” said Councilmember Jason Howland

Now, in the end, council members approved the measure on a 5 to 2 vote with both Jason Howland and Sherri Rasmussen voting “no.”