ABC 6 News Excellence Award given to 5th grade teacher at Alden-Conger Elementary School!

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(ABC 6 News) – Here at ABC 6 News, we will honor one of our local teachers every month this school year, recognizing the excellent things they do to help our kids.

The first ABC 6 News Excellence Award of the 2023-2024 school year was awarded to a fifth-grade teacher at Alden-Conger Elementary School Tuesday, Ms. Joy Bryson.

Excitement filled the air as students and teachers celebrate homecoming week at Alden-Conger public schools, but emotions ran even higher in Ms. Bryson’s classroom.

In this class, these fifth-graders say laughter is heard all through the halls.

That’s why families in the district knew this teacher of 25 years deserved to be recognized for all she does for her students.

“I love that the parents did that, it’s hard to believe it’s little old me,” said Ms. Bryson. “The feeling is so great because as an educator you don’t get to hear it that often.”

However, these kids say it really was not hard to believe.

“She’s a great teacher and I’m not surprised at all that she got it,” said Laila Ignaszewski, one of Ms. Bryson’s students. “I love just being with her, she’s the best teacher that I’ve had this far.”

Other students in the classroom agree.

“She makes things really fun, there’s some teachers that make it boring, but she makes it a game out of it,” said Jaxxon Farris, another student of Ms. Bryson’s.

Ms. Bryson is not just a smiling face for her students. She has also been a helping hand for her fellow teachers.

“She will do whatever it takes in her power to help our kids and to be able to help one another and she’s been just wonderful for me. Just a very dear friend,” said Stephanie Hallman, a fourth-grade teacher at Alden-Conger Elementary School. “As a teacher, you just kind of have it and don’t see yourself doing anything else. I don’t see Joy doing anything else, she’s very good with our children.”

While the school year is just beginning, these kids say they are happy to have Ms. Bryson by their side.