“Aaron Brrrr, Sir,” “Beyonsleigh”: Voting opens for new Minnesota snowplow names

Voting opens for new Minnesota snowplow names

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(ABC 6 News) – MnDOT has narrowed down 8,000 snowplow name submissions, and now you can vote for your favorite of the top 50.

The top eight will become new snowplot names — one for each district in Minnesota.

Voting is open through Sunday, Jan. 28. Voters can participate once, and select up to eight favorites.

The winning names will be announced in late January.

The department of transportation has held the Name a Snowplow contest four times, and named 24 plows after the most popular submissions.

Through previous contests, MnDOT staff have also helped to name three additional snowplows: Giiwedin-The North Wind; Goonodaabaan-Snow Vehicle (both Ojibwe); and Icamna-Blizzard (Dakota) in acknowledgement of the highways the state plows adjacent to tribal lands.

The final list of 2024 names are as follows:
1. A Little Salty
2. A Plow Named Sue

3. Aaron Brrrr, Sir

4. Alice Scooper

5. Barbie’s Dream Plow

6. Beauty and the Blade

7. Because Ice Said Snow!

8. Below Zero Hero

9. Best in Snow

10. Beyonsleigh

11. Blizzard Buster

12. Blizzard Wizard

13. Can’t Snow Me Down

14. Clark W. Blizzwald

15. Dashing thru the snow

16. Dolly Plowton

17. Don’t Flurry, Be Happy

18. Everyday I’m Shovelin’

19. Fast and Flurrious

20. Flake Superior

21. Flake it off

22. Frosty the Snowplow

23. Highway Hercules

24. I Came, I Thaw, I Conquered

25. Just Scraping By

26. Lady Slippery

27. Land of 10,000 snows

28. L’Plow du Nord

29. Make Snowbegone

30. Minnesnowta N’ice

31. Miracle on Ice

32. No More Mr. Ice Guy

33. Oh, For Sleet’s Sake

34. Oh Snow You Didn’t!

35. Orange you glad to see me?

36. Plower Power

37. Scrape, Rattle and Roll

38. Shiver Me Blizzards

39. SKOL Plow

40. Snowmageddon

41. SnowMNator

42. Snow White and the 7 drifts

43. Star of the North

44. Storm Rider

45. Sweet Child O’ Brine

46. Taylor Drift

47. The Great MN Plow-together

48. Waipahiƞte (Dakota word for “snowplow”)

49. Who let the plows out?

50. You’re Killin’ Me Squalls

Vote for your favorite at mndot.gov/nameasnowplow.