Worst of Blizzard expected Friday into Saturday morning

Blizzard conditions are expected Thursday night, lasting into Saturday morning. There are several inches of snow loose and it will blow. The ramp up will be gradual go a 45-55 mph range from Friday morning to Saturday morning. The fall from this range will be gradual as well. For a period surrounding the evening, I think we hit our peak winds and correspondingly the worst whiteout conditions.

Whiteout conditions, blowing and drifting snow will be common in rural, open areas. In some cases travel will be impossible due to drifting snow. In town, conditions may not be as bad. But please do not venture out. Emergency travel only outside of town in this timeframe.

The concern is becoming stranded. Because you may potentially be out in the elements for hours on end. If you’re not prepared to do so, it can be an extremely dangerous situation. Air temperatures tonight drop to near -15°. The Wind chill will be as cold as -45° in spots.

Even as wind eases for Saturday afternoon, it will take time for roads to recover and with the holiday rush, that timeframe is extended. I still expect some travel impacts all the way through Christmas Day.