Weekend Update on Monday & Tuesday

There is still variability around how much snowfall we are going to get, but there are several other factors that are known.

The peak of the activity will be late Monday through Tuesday morning. The heaviest of snowfall will stay to our south, where several states across the Great Plains have several counties under a Winter Storm Watch in anticipation for the snow storm. Also, there will likely be impacts that are greater than the quick flurries that we have had pass through our area.

The biggest unknown is the northern extent of the system. In other words, how far north will the snow track? Right now, there is confidence we will at least get something across all communities, but there is still some variability. Odds are currently that totals would be higher than what we have gotten so far this season.

An Alert Day could be needed in the future to compensate for any incoming threats. While in other situations, an Alert Day may not be issued for this type of storm this time of year, we have had a very dry start to the season (and also a warm start).

We are also set to deal with gusty winds that will blow snow around both during and after the snow storm is out of our area.

Stay tuned for more updates the rest of this weekend.