Rain to snow Wednesday evening – accumulations likely

An Alberta Clipper, maybe one of the more potent we’ve seen yet this season, will be moving into the region Wednesday evening. By Thursday morning, many of us will need to get a bit of shoveling done. This storm system is going to be messy to start, and that’s going to make a really big difference in snow totals over short distances. There will be a sharp cut-off in accumulating snow south of I-90 thanks to warmer air. North of I-90, where temperatures will be a bit cooler and the transition from rain to snow happens more quickly, accumulations will be higher.

Thanks to some uncertainties in temperature in addition to the storm track, you should expect some further changes to this forecast as we get closer to Wednesday evening. It will be especially odd given high temperatures early Wednesday afternoon should reach the low- to mid-40s. This is going to be a slushy one, especially Wednesday evening as the rain transitions to snow.