We won’t be nearly as warm next weekend, incoming snow

This upcoming week will be one of the busiest weeks for weather we have had in awhile. Not only do we have several opportunities for snow, but we also have MUCH colder weather on the way.

Flurries will pass overnight into Sunday morning. Totals will fall short of 1/2″. Only slight impacts for those driving on rural roads and/or over bridges and overpasses.

Our best chance remains late Monday and through the day Tuesday. The heaviest snow continues to stay out of our area, but we could still see a few inches of snowfall take place here. If the track holds, several of us would still see our highest new snowfall totals of the season.

There is another chance closer to this weekend that is trending on the lighter side. Wednesday is our last day with highs in the 20s before temperatures plummet the further the snow storm moves from us. By next weekend, we are struggling to hit double digits.