Warm, bright into Wednesday and beyond

Summer warmth is the staple of our weather diet this week, continuing through Friday before we start to realize a few changes on the opening day of autumn. Temperatures continue to run a bit above average, but generally comfortable due to the lack of humid air around here so far. That will begin to change Wednesday as dew points creep back into the 60s. While that’s a little more humid, it’s still not overwhelming by our standards.

There is a slight chance of an isolated shower or two later in the day Wednesday, but there’s not a real hopeful chance of rain until this weekend. Thursday will remain warm and bright before clouds begin to increase Friday, affecting temperatures and keeping our highs in the low to mid-70s to wrap up the week. Some of us will catch a few showers between Friday and Saturday. The better chance of more organized showers and thunderstorms starts to roll our way this weekend, especially from Saturday night through Sunday. At this time, rain looks to be more common in the second half of the weekend. With that said, the storm system moving our way will be a slow-moving system, becoming cut off from the jet stream. Basically, that means it will be more difficult to predict its speed and direction, so we’ll keep a close eye on it as the weekend approaches.