Turning active and mild

Our temperatures are jumping up as the jet stream lifts just north of our area. That jet stream is also very active in the coming days. It will send nearly a daily rain chance our way Friday into next week. There will be some dry stretches that likely occur too as we get in between waves of energy.

For Thursday, this is a summery day. Temps reach the upper 70s in what is likely our warmest of the upcoming next seven days. Full sunshine will help. Other days will be limited by cloud cover and rain opportunities. That said, temps still reach upper 60s to low 70s commonly.

Pinpointing the best opportunities for rain initially point to Friday and again Saturday night into Sunday. Past that, the scenario becomes murky as each wave is impacted by previous waves moving through. At this point, there’s no huge signal for severe weather but thunderstorms are likely involved as we get some of that warmth and moisture in place.