Travel concerns limited around Thanksgiving

Major storm systems look to steer clear of the Upper Midwest through this week. If you have some long-haul travel there may be some select slow-downs but even then, major airport hubs look to avoid major impact outside of Dallas or Houston. That’s because a slow moving system will linger in the deep south and lower Mississippi River Valley. This one is rain, storms mainly. They’ll be present Thursday into the weekend.

The Mountain West has a bit of snow on Wednesday.

Locally, we don’t have much to worry about. There will be some pockets of fog, but I don’t see it being particularly dense on Wednesday morning on Thursday morning. Clouds hold for Thursday and even a sprinkle/snowflake is possible but not in quantities to create issues. Temperatures will be generally in the 20s by night and upper 30s/low 40s by day around here. Sunshine carries through Wednesday with a cloudier setup on Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the Holiday week. Rest easy knowing the travel scene likely won’t slow you up.