Tracking a potential winter storm next week

One thing that has eluded the ABC 6 Weather First area so far this winter season is a significant winter storm with heavy snow. However, there is indication that one will track somewhere across the region early next week.

There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the track and overall evolution of this storm as it is well over a week away, but there has been consistency within weather models of a storm developing somewhere in the region that will lead to heavy snow for some lucky, or unlucky, communities.

The trend is a low pressure system developing on the leeside of the Rockies and tracking across the southern plains before making a turn to the northeast. How far north will this storm track is still uncertain. As of now, the bulk of any heavy snow remains to the southeast of the local area, however there is still plenty of time for this storm to wobble around and shift northwest putting the local area more in play for snow.

As more data comes in throughout the week and weekend, we’ll provide updates to future forecasts.