Thursday/Friday DriveCast

Early in the day Thursday, driving won’t be too troublesome as any snow taking place will be light and there will not be as many slick spots as there will be later in the day. It’s Thursday evening when the snowfall will be at its heaviest and the winds will be blowing the strongest.

The Friday morning commute will require extra time due to there still being slush on the roads. There will also still be some blowing snow with lighter gusts out of the east and northeast taking place. If you are driving in rural communities, you will want more time than someone driving in urban areas.

Roads and sidewalks will be relatively easy to take care of due to the warmer temperatures (salt will be more effective). However, don’t overlook road conditions as we are still looking at around 5-9″ of snowfall and the blowing snow will cause a hassle for some people.