The see-saw battle begins

Temperatures are on a wide swing over the next seven days. We’ve finally crawled back up. Thursday will be even warmer with mid 60s to 70°. But we’ll see a sharp fall through the weekend only to climb back up by the middle of next week.

The mildness of Thursday is overshadowed a bit by the added cloud cover, especially in the afternoon and a breeze. But overall, this will be a nice day. A few PM sprinkles are possible, although the atmosphere above us isn’t too conducive for much reaching the ground.

The best opportunities for rain begin Friday in the middle of the day and afternoon. A round of showers cuts through and more arrive on Saturday. By Sunday, temperatures are cold enough a few snowflakes may mix in. The same can be said for early Monday. It sounds like a huge contingent of rain. In actuality, there will be plenty of dry moments in each of these days. Oh yeah, and don’t expect any snow to accumulate.