The calm before the storm…

Saturday is all calm. Temperatures remain cooler than average, and clouds will move in from the west closer to sunset. It will be a few days before we clear up again.

Sunday remains our most impactful day in the forecast. Most of us will likely have our biggest snowfall of the season so far, with potential of around 4-6″ on the high end in southern Minnesota. Even communities south of I-90 could see as high as 2-4″. How much snow we get will depend on when exactly we transition from rain to snow. It will be enough for there to be an ALERT DAY on Sunday. This will most likely happen at some point after sunset on Sunday or very early Monday at the latest. The earlier/later the transition, the lower/higher the snowfall totals.

A stream of warm air will move in overnight into Monday, transitioning us into rain all day on Monday. We will also have a little energy to work with, so don’t be surprised to hear some thunder either.

By Tuesday, we are back to a rain & snow mix which is wrapped up by the end of the day Tuesday. Gusty winds will be present the whole time this system is in our area, so snow will blow around and limit visibility.

Temperatures are in the 30s for highs both Sunday and Tuesday while we get into the upper-40s and low-50s on Monday. After a couple more cooler days, we are back near or in the low-50s by Friday next week with another (though much lighter) rainfall chance on that same day.