T-Storms lining up Thursday evening

Hazy skies will continue at least another day thanks to wildfire smoke riding the jet stream in from Canada. The intensity of the smoke won’t be quite as bad as it was Tuesday afternoon, however. Still, those with respiratory issues will likely notice. Improvement will be seen on Friday.

Temperatures are a little cooler, generally in the low 70s each of the next couple of days. There’s not much action on Wednesday. But Thursday holds some showers and storms on the horizon.

A cold front moving through will bring the chance after 2 PM. Generally t-storms will develop, scattered in nature along the front as it moves through west to east. The threat of severe weather looks minimal. The threat of heavy rains should be limited given the steady progression of the activity as it moves through. 1/4″ mark looks to be the threshold to hit.

For once, a dry weekend will follow. Friday does check in rather chilly, in the upper 50s but 70s return Saturday and Sunday.