Sunny, Warm, & Poor Air Quality Today

Our Memorial Day for 2023 will go down as another 80° day, with plenty of sunshine. This would be perfect to be outside for a while in, however our air quality won’t be the best, especially for those who already have breathing difficulties. An AIR QUALITY ALERT will stay in place heading into Monday evening. That’s not to say you can’t be outside, just keep it in mind, as it will likely affect those with breathing difficulties.

The summer-like warmth in the middle 80s will continue all week, and the weekend to follow! Highs this time of the year should be about 10° cooler, in the middle 70s.

Today will be 15 consecutive days without measurable rainfall, with this dry spell coming to an end this week. Daily chances for pop-up, afternoon & evening t-storms will return to the forecast Tuesday-Saturday.