Sunny Sunday, but super chilly

The snowfall is done. In fact, the rest of Sunday is trending mostly clear. We have ideal conditions for sun dogs today due to ice crystals in the atmosphere. Sunlight reflects off of ice crystals, creating the illusion.

Wind chills are still the story. All of us remain under either a Wind Chill Advisory or Wind Chill Warning through noon on Tuesday. Wind chills will be hovering anywhere from -20° to -40° through Tuesday. Winds continue to remain gusty.

Road conditions should start to improve some with plows out. They were already showing signs of getting better Saturday night. However, you will still need to give yourself extra time on roads if you are traveling outside city limits. Frostbite remains possible within 10-15 minutes.

After Tuesday is when we get some “warmer” weather. Although we do not come anywhere near 20s until next weekend. Snow opportunities are still slim the rest of this week, with only an isolated snow shower on Thursday as of now.