Sunny skies to start, roller coaster of a week ahead

We are going to get a glimpse of all four seasons this week. The mild weather that is giving us an early Spring feel continues. After some 50s for highs on Sunday, we will top out in the 60s on Monday. If we get to 60°, we will have our sixth ever 60°+ day in Rochester. This one is trending to be one of the warmest we have had on record.

We are still expecting both rain and snow Tuesday into Wednesday. A strong cold front will race through around noon (give or take a couple hours), and temperatures will fall the rest of the day. Snowfall totals will likely fall short of 2″ across all communities, but you will need to give yourself extra time due to gusty winds that will blow the snow around.

Wednesday morning is BY FAR the coldest period all week, and a southerly wind and high pressure will race in by Thursday. This will allow us to get right back to mild conditions (and even feeling a little like Summer) by next weekend.