Sunny Skies Still, Air Quality Takes a Hit

The good news is the sunny skies continue once again. Highs for Tuesday are in the low to mid-80s locally. The bad news is if you are someone who struggles with respiratory problems, going outside Tuesday afternoon and evening will not be ideal. We are in an Air Quality Alert from 12-8 PM Tuesday afternoon due to ozone pollution near the surface.

Air Quality will be bouncing up and down the rest of the week. Smoke from the Canadian wildfires will be staying high up in the atmosphere.

Rain chances will be few and far in between. Outside of an isolated rain chance late Wednesday night, the odds for any rain in the next week are slim to none.

Temperatures take a hit after Tuesday as a cold front will descend from Canada, and a colder Canadian High on the backside of the front will keep temperatures cooler initially before they build back more and more heading into next week.