Stronger wind, a little rain, then cooler air arrives

A strong wind out of the south-southeast has boosted Wednesday’s temperatures into the upper-40s and lower-50s across the region, continuing the trend of spring-like weather. We’re in for more of that Wednesday night through Thursday before cooler, slightly more seasonable air arrives. While it’s been a dry Wednesday, minus a few sprinkles, there will be more widespread shower activity from late Wednesday night through Thursday. Plan on occasional rain Thursday. There’s even a slim chance of a rumble of thunder Thursday afternoon.

The storm system responsible for the wind and rain will also deliver some cooler air following behind it. Temperatures will begin to tumble Thursday night, and Friday’s highs will occur during the morning hours. A few flurries are possible Friday as the storm system moves to the east and a colder wind blows in from the northwest.

While high temperatures will remain slightly above average this weekend into next week, it’s going to be quite a bit cooler than what we’ve been used to recently. Overall, it will feel wintry, just a softer, more gentle version of winter. There are still no significant storm systems on the horizon for us.