Strong to Severe Storms Possible Sunday Night

The storms later in the day Sunday could become strong or even severe. Large hail is the biggest concern with these storms, with damaging winds being a secondary threats. Tornadoes can’t be completely ruled out, but are not expected locally. Although, the most favorable environment for all of this is to our south altogether.

As storms move farther north, they will become more elevated. This will make it harder for gusty winds to reach the surface. Hail will also melt more as it reaches the surface, making it more difficult for hail to cause damage. It’s still recommended to bring valuable objects located outdoors inside (especially if you live around Highway-18 and south in northern Iowa). The timeframe at which strong to severe storm potential would be “greatest” would be 5-10 PM.

We are expecting more clouds locally then to our south. This will make it more difficult for our atmosphere to charge up and for stronger storms to be created locally. With clearer conditions much farther south, it will be easier for storms to form and be maintained to our south.

These storms weaken overnight as we lose energy and become showers ahead of the morning commute Monday.

As a reminder: when thunder roars, go indoors!!